What areas do you cover?

We are based on the Isle of Anglesey but we travel all over the North West UK. Travel costs are added on to any final quotes. When considering travel distances we need to take into account the welfare of our animals and the effect long distances will have on their welfare. This may restrict which animals we are able to bring to encounters taking place further away.

Can I choose all the animals for my party?

You can request for certain animals to be brought to your party or encounter but ultimately their welfare is the most important thing. This may mean that we cannot always accommodate requests. We also operate a rota that ensures the same animals are not used repeatedly for consecutive parties. This means that they are given a rest and allowed to behave naturally in their enclosures.

I don’t want you to bring a certain type of animal to my party. Is that ok?

We understand that not everyone will love snakes and creepy crawlies as much as we do. If there is a certain type of animal that you really don’t want us to bring then of course we’ll honour your request.

Are the animals safe to handle?

We never bring venomous reptiles to events. We only pick animals from our collection that are used to being handled and are calm enough to cope with a room full of kids! All handling is supervised by experienced keepers and we have rules in place to ensure both the animals and the people at the events are safe. Clients must remember that any animal can be unpredictable but our rules are put in place to ensure that any incidents that may arise are avoided.

There is a very small risk of any incidents but our handlers are first aid trained and carry a first aid kit. We also  practice good hygiene. Hand sanitiser is provided and we can bring protective sheets to avoid any potential mess in your home.

Can I put a snake around my neck?

We are very careful during any handling, this means that we don’t allow any animals to be near anybody’s face. Even small snakes can squeeze quite tightly so we don’t allow any snakes on your head or around your neck. This can also be quite stressful for the animal being handled. This is common practice by many other companies, however, at North West Reptile Encounters the welfare of both the animals and participants is our number one priority.