Meet the Animals

You can check out some of our animals below! With over 100 animals, we are constantly adding to this so if there’s an animal you are keen to meet at our encounters but don’t see it below don’t hesitate to get in touch. The chances are we have it or at least something similar!

Eugene & Jinny – Sulcata Tortoises

Ben has owned Eugene and Jinny since they were the size of 50 pence coins! Being the 3rd biggest tortoises in the world, they still have a lot of growing to do even though Eugene is almost too heavy to pick up now!

Banana – Burmese Python

Banana is our beautiful albino Burmese Python. She was born around Summer 2016 so is still quite young with a lot of growing left to do! Despite this she is handled frequently and has a lovely temperament. Her gorgeous yellow colour makes for some great photos!

Ernie – Savannah Monitor

Ernie has been with us for 7 years! He was approximately 4″ in length but has grown a lot more as you can see above! He’s a very intelligent lizard and is even target trained!

Ralph – Egg-eating snake

Ralph is our gorgeous little egg-eating snake. He’s perfect for those that are a bit nervous about handling larger snakes and those who don’t enjoy the cold slippery feel of some snakes. His scales are rougher and he doesn’t even have proper teeth! You can see he likes his eggs in the picture above, that big lump in his throat is an entire egg!

Sebastian – Honduran Milk Snake

Sebastian is one of our older snakes. He’s very docile and great for our more nervous participants.

Mario & Luigi – Ball Pythons (Royal Pythons)

Mario and Luigi are two of our collection of Ball Python, so called because they will curl up into a tight ball when they feel threatened. Sometimes they are a little shy and nervous but are happy curled up into a ball

Rex – Variable King Snake

animal parties

Rex is another very docile snake. He has beautiful orange and grey markings.

Bandy – Mountain King Snake

Bandy is an mountain king snake all the way from Arizona. He’s used to being handled, super friendly and small so great for our younger and more nervous participants.

Bruce – Corn Snake

Bruce is one of our many corn snakes, however he’s one of the biggest corn snakes we’ve ever seen! He’s a lively beautiful boy who loves to make friends.

Painted Dragons

Our Painted Dragons are beautiful lizards with skin like armour! They are very calm and don’t mind having people feel their incredible scales. We even hatched some babies out recently!

Rosy – Rose Haired Tarantula

Don’t let those fangs scare you. Rose is incredibly friendly and if you’re feeling brave we can bring her along to one of our encounters for you to handle!

Chubby Frogs

We also have a collection of funny, dumpy chubby frogs. These frogs burrow in the soil and will pop out to find food and bathe.

*Please note that some frogs cannot be handled by members of the public due to their delicate skin. Children will be able to look at them in an enclosure.*